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Our digital industry bus system, LuxoBUS records physical parameters for control and regulation. The bus system is designed so that sensors for differing measurement categories and actuators can be combined and read in star or ring configurations with sampling rates up to 1 kHz. The specific advantages lie in the ease of handling during installation and minimal cabling required. Up to 255 sensors can be operated from bus and can be checked on an individual basis or in accordance with predetermined intervals. The bus automatically initializes itself.

The basic module of the LuxoBUS system are equipped with digital industry sensors from leading manufacturers, the individual technical data, can be sent on request. Currently the LuxoBUS system is available for accelerometers (+/- 1g to +/- 8 g), differential pressure sensors (250 Pa +) and separate stress gauge amplifiers. In addition the connection of any external RS-232 modules is possible. If you require any individual solutions please contact us directly.

Indicator lamps

We supply indicator lamps according to the customer's wishes. As raw materials, assembled with welded, soldered or crimped resistors, with connecting wires or built in modules, switches, signaling devices and a diverse range of plastic casings.

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We deliver high-quality yellow, red, green, blue or white LEDs raw or packaged. Vertical on circuit boards from 0 to 12 mm, machine assembled.

Illuminated transparent surfaces

Spectacular lighting effects are possible with indirect lighting using CCFL lamps in a high-grade aluminum or stainless steel profile frame with real glass or Plexiglass.

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Power LEDs for electrical outlets for advertising or orientation lighting

Create your own designs to print and place into the light sockets. Use photos, crests, corporate logos, emblems from sporting clubs or your own advertising campaign artwork.

Voltage Detector

Available in two different sizes, these essential "helpers" can be used in the home or workshop. With a print of your choice, the voltage detectors can be used as a gift for your customers and business partners, keeping your company and your services fresh in their minds over a long period of time.